3D CT Imaging Scanner

CT scans are more frequently requested by clinicians as they help in the diagnosis, treatment planning and follow up of patients with conditions affecting the head, face, teeth and jaw.

For most dental practitioners, the use of advanced imaging has been limited due cost and availability however the introduction of cone beam tomography provides opportunities for dental practitioners to request multiplanar images.

The CT scan procedure is very quick and easy. The scanner rotates around the head 360 degrees for approximately 14 seconds. The image is then sent directly via computer to your dental record folder allowing the clinician to discuss the scan in detail with you at your appointment.

There are many advantages of using a CT Scan over bite wing radiographs taken in the surgery.

These include:

  • Image accuracy. Cone beam scanning provides a very clear image
  • Rapid scan time. We can see a full view of your whole head in under a minute
  • Reduced radiation
  • Reduced image artefact. Reduced likelihood of fuzzy, grainy or distorted images.

Our cone beam scanner is one of only a few in dental practices across the East of England. We offer our CT scan service to local dentists who wish to refer their own patients to improve treatment diagnosis and planning. This includes the image being downloaded onto a disc or another media device.