Repairing teeth

At Brickstables Dental & Implant Clinic, we are experts in repairing broken or chipped teeth. Using the latest dental technology we can help you achieve a beautiful, natural smile.


Brickstables Repairingteeth Crowns

When your tooth shows signs of decay, your Brickstables Dental & Implant Clinic dentist can help to stop it before any further damage is caused. Fillings are applied to small and developing cavities to restore your tooth back to health.

Root canal treatment

Brickstables Repairingteeth Fillings

If you have been experiencing severe tooth pain, it is possible that you may require root canal treatment. Your Brickstables Dental & Implant Clinic dentist can treat your tooth without the need to remove it, leaving you pain-free and in good oral health.

Inlays and onlays

Brickstables Repairingteeth Inlaysonlays

If you have damage to a tooth that cannot be fixed with a filling, our Brickstables Dental & Implant Clinic dentists can fit an inlay or onlay to cover the damage and restore your tooth to its natural looking state.


Brickstables Replacing Teeth Denture

At Brickstables Dental & Implant Clinic we fit crowns (or caps) over an existing tooth to protect it from further damage, or to improve your overall smile if you have had an implant or have a discoloured or misshapen tooth.

Next steps


At Brickstables Dental & Implant Clinic we believe in complete fee transparency and will provide upfront costs and a treatment plan before treatment commences. 

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